Malaysians blast tourism ministry for ‘ugly’ Visit Malaysia logo


The Visit Malaysia logo, seen as ugly and said to be a mockery of Malaysia and her rich history, has been added to the anti-Najib Razak rhetoric in Malaysia’s political debate.

It appears that anything the government do will not go down well with netizens in Malaysia, and a large number of them has signed up to stop Tourism Malaysia from using the design.

Local agencies said there is actually a petition against the logo on which received 11,659 signatures with a goal of 15,000 signatures.

Mustaffa Azizi Idris started this petition to Tourism Ministry Nazri, Minister of Tourism and to all Malaysians.

The petition stated, “Tourism Malaysia announced a new logo to promote Visit Malaysia 2020. The design is appalling. It looks cheap and does not represent the country, the people and its history. The public was not consulted.

“This petition is to STOP Tourism Malaysia from using the design. It makes a mockery of Malaysia and her rich history. It is alienating the rakyat (which means citizens). It has to go,” it concluded.

Visit Malaysia 2020 logo has lifted “Travel, Enjoy, Respect” tagline from World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)’s September 2017 campaign.

And the according to the tourism minister, the multicoloured logo is here to stay, the BBC said.