8 years jail for retiree who had oral sex with 12-year-old boy

Picture Credit: pakistantoday.com.pk

63-year-old retiree Chua Hock Leong not only not apologise in Court for barging into a public toilet to perform oral sex on a 12-year-old boy for about a minute, but he also tried to turn the tables on the boy for leading him on.

Chua said that it was the the boy who had “propositioned him” but that he declined the boy’s advances as there were public cameras around. Chua further testified that the boy called out to him and made sexual overtures by asking if he wanted to “play”. The retired technician claimed he did not have any sexual contact with the boy.

Chua’s lawyer argued that this was his client’s first brush with the law and that “the boy did not suffer any post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident.”

The Deputy Public Prosecutor however submitted the victim impact statements which contradicted the lawyer’s claims. The boy, now 14, said he used to be a friendly person but is now afraid of older men. He has dropped out of school and no longer goes out on his own.

The boy said: “I am young and, in my mind, I thought older people would take care of younger people.”

The boy’s mother, 33, added: “I used to teach my children to respect and be helpful to elderly people. After what happened, I don’t know whether my teaching was correct. Now I tell them not to trust strangers.”

Justice Choo Han Teck paid no need to the retiree’s defence as “it had too many gaps.” One of the deciding factors against Chua’s tall tales was the finding of Chua’s DNA inside the boy’s boxer shorts. Chua was then convicted and sentenced to eight years jail.


  1. Please let him do BJ for free in mans prison …since he like it so much..at least can let other inmates release some stress.Make him do during breakfast..lunch ..and dinner time.

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