Lifestyle Arts 7 months post-divorce and Jaclyn Victor's children call her new lover 'Papa'

7 months post-divorce and Jaclyn Victor’s children call her new lover ‘Papa’




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Malaysian Idol star Jaclyn Victor may have divorced her ex-husband Az Yet singer Shawn Rivera seven months ago but she has found a new love in her life. On Tuesday (July 7), the singer shared with the media about her newfound romance amid the launch of her co-owned restaurant B.A.T.S in Bangsar. Jaclyn, 41 is keeping the identity of the mystery man a secret for now as her latest beau is not in the entertainment industry.

His name and profession are not known to the public yet. Jaclyn shares two children with Shawn Rivera – Jonah Joshiah and Molly Marguerite Rivera. According to Jaclyn, her children have taken a liking to her boyfriend and they call him ‘Papa.’

Jaclyn Victor’s children call her new boyfriend, ‘papa’. Picture: Instagram

“Moving on (on from my divorce) meant my children became my main focus and my everything. I never thought I would be able to meet somebody who would accept me for who I am and my children as well, but I did meet somebody. I’m very blessed because he’s a good person and he looks after my kids as if they are his own,” Jaclyn said.

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Even though the relationship is at the beginning, Jaclyn’s son and daughter approves of the relationship and are close to Jaclyn’s new beau.

She added, “Sometimes you meet someone who you feel like you’ve already known for a long time. I never planned on meeting someone and I never went out to find a partner. When you try too hard, you might end up with someone whom you’re not well-matched with.”

It was also a good thing that their relationship was organic and it developed naturally. Jaclyn’s new beau was not aware that Jaclyn is a celebrity in Malaysia. The man is not after Jaclyn for her fame and he just wanted to know her for who she is. In 2014, Jaclyn and her ex-husband Shawn Rivera got married. In January, Shawn wrote a long statement, sharing about their painful choice to breakup. With her new restaurant and new love, we are hoping all the best for Jaclyn. /TISG

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