67-year-old GrabCar driver violently assaulted with air freshener by driver with road rage


Facebook user Jeslyn Lee reported that her father, a 67-year-old GrabCar driver, was violently assaulted along Simon Road in Hougang on Wednesday, 14 Jun.

Jeslyn’s father was waiting by the side of the road for a free parking lot when he noticed two cars about to exit the carpark. The first car managed to drive off without incident but the driver of the second car – a tall Chinese man described to be in his forties driving a black Volvo S60 (SJT 2362T) – accused the GrabCar driver of deliberately blocking his way.

The agitated driver then approached the senior driver’s car and started shouting at him while banging his car window. When the elderly man wound down his window, the assailant punched his face six times.

In speaking to the Chinese daily, Jesyln’s father recounted that he was in a state of shock: “I could not react in time. It was so painful that I was in a daze.

“To defend myself, I took up a can of air freshener and sprayed at his face. However, before I could use it, the can was seized from me and he used to it club my head until I started bleeding.”

The incident was captured by CCTV cameras at the scene.



Posted by Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 on Friday, 16 June 2017

The victim suffered a 4cm-long laceration on his head besides other injuries from the attack. He is currently under observation at Tan Tock Seng Hospital where doctors have reportedly told him that they were worried he may have a blood clot in his brain due to the attack.

Photo Credit: Zaobao

Revealing that he has been experiencing headaches and nausea following surgery at the hospital, the victim added that his biggest worry is not being able to work for the next few days or weeks, especially since his wife has Parkinson’s disease and depends on him for her daily needs.

“I earn about S$1,000 every week but now that I’m hospitalised, I don’t know what I can do.”

The police are investigating the incident as a case of Wounding with Intent. The victim’s children have confirmed that they are considering legal action against the assailant.

Posted by Jeslyn Lee on Friday, 16 June 2017


  1. The perpetrator must compensate the elderly gentleman. Injuries suffered with no less than SGD 100,000 plus medical fees and other expenses. Oh yes, and a new car freshener.

  2. people are so angry and violent…. unfortunate but a grim reminder for all of us to stay away from trouble… give way give way even if we are in the right…

  3. Nowadays there are more and more elderly bashing by younger generation using them as “punching bag” to relieve whatever stress they are suffering. This nation is getting sick and myself in my 60s has this idea that I must ready weapon at all time for my own protection. It is really sad. Case after case. No matter what such level of violence is uncall for. Make jail time mandatory. In jail and when they face their own kind in jail than justice is served well.

  4. What is Singapore becoming? How can we claim to be a safe country, when we keep hearing of violence and rage related behaviour over petty incidents. Law needs to also change to allow victim to sue and make it really financially painful on these thugs, in addition to jail time.

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