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64-year-old retiree who had fall while riding escalator in Bishan MRT in vegetative state




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A 64-year-old retiree who had a fall while riding the escalator in Bishan MRT is unconscious for the last 3 days and is feared to have gone into a vegetative state. The incident happened on 12 Nov at about 11.30am.

The retiree’s 46-year-old son is speaking to Zaobao (which reported the accident) said that his sister was surprised to receive a call from the police about the accident. When they rushed to the hospital, they found their father to be in a critical condition. The retiree’s son said that his father suffered a brain hemorrhage which the doctors said must be operated on.

He said that his father is temporarily out of danger, but is still not conscious and under observation in the intensive care unit of the hospital. He said that his father occasionally moves his right hand and body occasionally, but doctor’s fear that he may continue to be in a vegetative state.

The son wants to know how the accident happened, if the escalator was too fast for his father which led to the fall. He hopes that SMRT will do a thorough investigation so that other passengers are not hurt by similar accidents.

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SMRT said that it regretted the unfortunate incident regret and that it had provided assistance to the family. It said that investigations were ongoing.

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