6-year-old hit by car after he cuts across road on kick-scooter, blindsiding car driver


A six-year-old biy was sent flying along Leedon Road on Tuesday, after a car hit him when he cut across the road on his kick scooter.

The driver subsequently submitted his dashcam footage of the accident to road safety Facebook group, Roads.sg, which shows the boys skating along the left lane of the road before suddenly cutting across. The driver, Ethan Wang, could not brake in time to avoid him, but was able to stop in time to avoid running over the boy:

"Boy just came onto road with scooter and I could not avoid hitting him. Mother was not supervising him while scooting along this road. I called the police and SCDF ambulance brought mother and boy to the hospital.He is said to have sustained scratches and bruises only, wishing him a speedy and full recovery." Ethan Wang03/10/17 16:40 Leedon Road Off Holland Road.(outside St James Church)It is the full responsibilty of the parents to teach, coach and show their children the DO's and DONT's while using the roads. Road safety is a practiced skill and it will serve us for life.

Posted by ROADS.sg on Tuesday, 3 October 2017

In the video, the boy can be seen getting to his knees and bawling after being hit, at which point a woman – presumably his mother – ran towards him.

Wang alleged that the boy’s mother was not supervising him and was just riding her own scooter on the right side of the road at the time of the accident.

The driver was the one who apparently called the police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force following the accident, around 4.40pm. The SCDF deployed an ambulance to the scene and brought mother and boy to National University Hospital.

The boy was conscious when he was conveyed to the hospital and is said to have only sustained scratches and bruises, according to Wang.

Wang later told reporters that he did not see the boy due to the colour of his clothes and the angle from which he approached. Adding that he hopes there will be more education of personal mobility devices, Wang said:

“I was quite scared for a whole hour after that, as I nearly ran over a boy. If I was going faster and hadn’t braked in time, I would have gone over him.”

Police investigations are ongoing.


  1. Poor boy. Good thing he suffered no serious injuries. It is the parents responsibility to supervise the child and not expect others to be responsible. Of course, the parent will blame the driver, as usual!

  2. This kind of a woman should not have been allowed to reproduce. Would have been a nice ending if she had been the one to have been knocked down and the driver is exonerated.

    • They will make our next generation a nasty place to live in! Only those who care & loved for others, will create a positive place to live in. Lesser people will want to kill, commit crime or sucide.

  3. That’s the problem. In a society where almost everything we do are regulated and requires some form of permit or license, becoming a parent strangely requires none.

  4. Why blame the driver? Mother’s fault. Can bring him into this world, cannot take care of him. Enjoying herself on another scooter. What message is she sending to her son? Bapa(Emak in this case) borek anaknya rintek! The son may grow up to think it’s alright to ride his kick scooter on the road.

  5. Who Encourage all this scooters ,Ebikes,rental bikes n PMD ?Now see wat happen,Mother riding on her own scooter n Son follow example lolz.
    Just saw a Ebike on the road wif out helmet n was thinking am I living in Vietnam?where motorcyclist are not require to wear protective gears n are allow to zip ard n park anywhere.
    Am also quite confuse abt the license plate tt LTA now require all Ebikes to register for.Been seeing so different kind of license plate on such ebike.So which exactly is the legal one?

  6. This level of irresponsibility borders on criminal…the authorities should issue the mother a formal rebuke endangering both the child and other road users

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