6 Singaporeans cornered and intimidated by angry taxi driver lynch mob at Batam


6 Singaporeans who had gone to Batam for a good time have vowed to never go there again, thanks to being surrounded and intimidated by a mob of angry taxi drivers who hit them and vandalised their car, all because they believed the Singaporeans were killing their livelihood by using Uber private-hire car services.

The Singaporeans were actually driving a rental car.

Facebook user Jason Wee reported that the incident occured at Batam’s Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall when he and his friends were pulling out of a parking lot. They were stopped by a security guard and a group of men dressed in Nagoya Hill uniforms. The men claimed to be taxi drivers.

A heated argument ensued where the Singaporeans were accused of undercutting the taxi drivers’ business by using Uber. When the Singaporeans tried to explain that they were using a rental car and that they were trying to catch a ferry back to Singapore by showing the gang their passports, the gang members hit some of the Singaporeans and then scratched the rental car.

Wee advised Singaporeans to reconsider going to Batam: “Everyone going to Batam better think twice. I’m never going Batam again. Nothing worth going for. #BatamNoMore”

Nightmare in Batam. Six of us had enjoyed a day and night at Batam and made a final stop at Nagoya Hills Shopping mall…

Posted by Jason Wee on Monday, 12 June 2017


  1. Why want rent car there? Yes, convenient.
    But u still not met with someone jump infront of your car and cry father cry mother, then crowd come over and u kanna beaten up and robbed.
    Foreigners n tourists had alway been advise not to drive in Batam

  2. Those ASEAN maybe decades behind Sinkapore, but our government open leg policy want to bring those uncivilize nations to work here to dilute our modern culture.

  3. There is plenty of uncivil behaviours in Singapore. At least 6-8 people blind people glued to their phones knocked into a visually-disabled person I was guiding about.

  4. Their people come here weekly sell goods to wholesaler n retail shops like nobody biz. Come in under declared good bought in fr batam/tanjong pinang, indonesia n bring back spore money. No need to pay spore worker n no need warehouse.We local doing biz here all effected by them. Look if we do this in their country we wl be beheaded. N our Nea/ava/mom did not take any action for years. Small bizman in spore suffered.If we import goods fr their country we loose out to pay gst/worker/whse/which is very xpensive for sporean.

  5. It’s not just Nagoya but everywhere in Batam. I was there 2 weeks ago at Nagoya n was confronted by a group of taxi drivers when I get a Grab taxi online. Even at the hotel, they will not allowed Grab or Uber taxi to pick u up. You can get a Grab taxi n pretending that your friend is picking u up. Show msg by pretending to text like a Friend to the Grab or Uber taxi. Honestly, it’s not worth the journey to batam just to save cost. Taxi driver are like thugs, no meter charging n even short journey they charged RP$120,000. It’s a ripped off place. Check your bills when u dine at Rest. I got ripped off before for not checking my bill. BEWARE!!!!

  6. Sometimes, we S’porean are asking for it. I observed some of our people buying things over in Batam n JB tend to speak out loudly that it is cheap blah blah blah. Of course they will ripped u off for giving such a comment. Keep a low profile n show respect when u are in a foreign land n don’t show off.

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