54-year-old man who caused a traffic policeman to skid and crash his motorbike arrested for drug-related offences

A 54-year-old man who caused a traffic police officer to skid and crash his motorbike has been arrested. Police said the man was arrested for drug related offences. They added that the incident happened today along Geylang Road towards Kallang Road before Lorong 4 Geylang.

A video going viral on social media shows the man riding his bicycle diagonally across multiple lanes, with vehicles slowing down to let him pass. As the man reaches the left-most lane, a traffic police officer travelling on the same lane seemed to crash and fall to his side in an effort to avoid the cyclist. The policeman however failed to entirely avoid the collision and hits the cyclist. In their statement, Police confirmed that no one was injured in the accident.


  1. Poor riding still want to blame cyclist… worst still use “drug related “ as an excuse! Because they are police and law is on their side, they will fabricate all things to justify they’re right!

    • wow u no.1 Trump copycat ‘Fake News” u got guts reveal yourself lah… dare accuse SPF for fabricating News to wrongly convict a person! wow! u so brave, reveal yourself lah coward!

    • Obviously the motorbike is trying to avoid cyclist and how can u say they fabricate? Be it the cyclist on drugs or not should be fine! That too danger!

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