This year’s budget was debated by MPs for more than 50 hours over a period of eight days. This is the longest amount of time spent on debating the budget since 2013. But unfortunately, some of the members of parliament are fixated by what Sylvia Lim said and are demanding an apology.

MPs prepared a total 530 questions in all for these debates, which is why 52 hours were set aside primarily for this purpose. Here is a summary of their discussion:

According to Grace Fu, Leader of the House, this record emphasizes that the nation indeed faces wide-ranging and serious issues, including job security, which remains on people’s minds despite last year’s economic recovery. Moreover, a significant portion of the debate also involved social inequality and addressing issues that would cause society to become more caring. Recent developments concerning this have come to light, such as a survey from the Institute of Policy Studies that demonstrated how social networks have grown around class differentiators such as what schools people attend, or what kind of housing they live in, and also a book written by Teo You Yenn, a sociologist, which focused on inequality.

Ms. Fu, the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, said that even while Singapore develops technology in order to grow businesses further, as well as global competitiveness, the question of not leaving anyone in society behind must also be addressed.

In her speech that capped the budget debates, Ms. Fu mentioned that much time was given to the budgets for the ministries of Culture, Community and Youth, Manpower, and Trade and Industry.

Two and a half days were spent in discussing Singapore’s Budget as a whole. For the remainder of the time, Parliament debated on the budgets of the 16 ministries.

Some of the questions the MPs asked involved the support that vulnerable sectors of the workforce needs, helping businesses stay competitive, and helping to develop unity in a multiethnic, multi-religous society made up of several classes.

Other questions from the MPs involved national security—both cybersecurity issues and external threats. Issues such as the provision of housing for newlyweds and the regulation of personal mobility devices were also discussed.

Ms. Fu also mentioned that Nominated MP Kuik Shiao-Yin and Mr Murali Pillai (Bukit Batok) emphasized the need for ideals and practicality for the country to advance, saying, “To tackle the problems of today and prepare ourselves for tomorrow, we must be bold and embrace change. We must have that grit and bias for action that makes us an exceptional nation. This would not be the case if we had no ideals.”

Ms. Fu also said that Singaporeans need to contribute in developing “the ideal Singapore,” and that progress means that each person does his part in building the future—even while facing the challenges of an aging society, wage inequality and disruptive technology.

All Singaporeans must then do their part to build a powerful and entrepreneurial society, what Ms. Fu called “a smart nation with a heart”.

And all of that is not what got into the consciousness of our nation, what we remember most is the “brow-beating” of opposition MP Sylvia Lim.

Budget 2018: A big sorry non-debate



  1. Many Singaporeans, especially the seniors, are tired of the attitude : l am right, always right. And the converse : The opposition, indeed the man in the street, is wrong, very wrong. I know best. We are sick and tired, very, very sick and tired.

    • she really look like foo
      act so foo
      and talk alot of foo
      so all singaporean don’t let the foo in parliament on next election include all the foo gang.
      and see how they foo outside without a job, so highly paid

  2. Mr. Low from the beginning has oledi said the budget this year has lost its focus due to the GST hikes that will not take place immediately. True enough what he said is true as you can see more and more white MPs demanding for apologies instead of focusing on how to improve citizens life with lesser burden. Mr. Low and his teammates are visionary leaders for Singapore.

  3. “Say Sorry” reminds me of the things we say when what we say was a mistake. The fact that we say in Parliament is a “Sorry -Free” zone seemed to be forgotten. Any if Parliamentarians harp on this is a childlike behaviour that should not be allowed. The Speaker should have reminded Parliament of this.

  4. This is the kind of RUBBISH ministers we have. Parachuted into their positions, don’t have a single clue on how to manage the country. Cannot produce facts n figures in parliament. Thinking that they are high n mighty. When the opposition party questioned them, they started to behave likes thugs n gangsters.

  5. The house is to debate no is MP responsible to answer all question ask by those MP represented people of Singapore , if PAP have good statement I believe WP and is accepted it but not want not happy the way of WP question asking start to ask apologize and never direct answer. We’ll know who r working , don’t need to ask apologize other not right also mean PAP also not right why alway have double standard ? Until now non of PAP MP answer for it . Better to keep quiet or direct answer if not many those vote u r very disappointed

  6. These vindictive self serving politician think they are the best and righteous above all.But the in actual fact the opposite.LIARS!!! to serve the party against people pap.This lady I remembered said that with cut in their pay still getting millions will not be enough to sustain their living standard. we have such people to rule this country.” not enough”

  7. Remember LKy said this: “Even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel something is going wrong, I will get up…………………” 1988. If you sense something is wrong or not in order from the people on the ground, it is the responsible for the MP (oppo or MIw) to speak out without fear. Hope the those MIWs learn something from their former master.

  8. The white monkeys should ask the dishonourable son to say sorry as he is the tyrant who replaced the old tax system to GST system!
    GST system made the poor to be homeless and made the rich to be tycoons! Who give them the power to bully Singaporeans? Vote for oppositions party to abolish GST system in due course!!!

  9. It seems that the govt is more concern about their own perception than the people’s perception. The public and Miss Lim already clarified there is no accusation of dishonesty on the part of govt. but yet govt still feels on their own, that Miss Lim has accused them of being dishonest. They really lost it, only care about their own perception and not others. U expect anyone who only care about their own Perception to know how u are living in Singapore? Stop voting for own death sentence

  10. If not for Ms.Salvia Lim astute observation and simply pointing out concerning the suspicions of a retract of immediate implementation of GST , most people would have been fooled .

    In the words of the writer , “do not sneak it pass Poor Singaporean” quote/unquote.

    The people should now demand an apology from the CBFHL and the retraction of the notice issued to Ms.SL !!!

  11. PAP is so Cheap now . Why need to ask for sorry ? In the old time . LKY will not do it in this way. He will be the one that stand out and defend the ground on why Govt must do this and how the citizens will benefits it in the long run . And making sure that we Singaporean is always the biggest winner in this matter. He will not bring a GST hike that is not confirm to stress out Singaporean . And if others question on the decision that Govt approve . He will personally stand out to answers all F&Q . Not like now .standing there and commanding his staff and ask for apologize . He will use action to prove that you are wrong and let the public to see how useless u are.

  12. Mafia Elite groups. Expect it’s Citizens to bow down to them like ‘Your Highness’.
    Play God in everything unjustified of CPF investment losses, patted asses or go. Or argue with unsustainable issues whereby no valid reasons or results to prove.
    So if anyone who do not ask or question the Quest, they omit them out to Planet Mars. Name them as opposers!!!!
    The G, are you saying we can have no voice???? Only you the so called self-proclaim Elites has very Right to talk, demand an apologies when you can’t even debate the objectives.
    Wayang Wayang Wayang etc
    Yes, You Government is Always Right, the Highest above God.

  13. And bloody hell keeps raising costs, CPF Minimum Sum raises and we will continue to work till we die yet no freedom to enjoy twilight years.
    There ll be many people who may commit suicide & the G will be delighted after doing Consensus that most are penniless or medically unfit to work, hospitalisation costs rising etc.

  14. Clearly, Sporeans is seeing the disparity of wages of society.
    The Unemployment of hiring Foreign Workers’.
    We, Singaporeans pay taxes yet the G did not solely take care of us even with lifelong working. Our monies are locked, our housing after 99 years does not belong to us. So we are renting from HDB whole life etc

  15. Why PAP cannot review the budget? We got surplus 9.61b. Why 700m given back to us? WP did proposal Partliament possibly checking which revenues can be used instead of GST 9% hike. Now PAP keep on bullying WP instead of taking into account the review on budget and made it through without fail.. This is what we got from PAP????!!

  16. Nothing to show for all the money invested in all the Politicians, parliamentary support staff, civil servants support staff in preparing support documents for budget preparation etc etc etc!!!!!! What a shame. The only message coming out of all the time and effort is “Say sorry”, “ withdraw” …

  17. Yaccob wanted budget for Muslim community so that he can help the poorer MALAY Muslim community be GIVING them more scholarships or TUITION WAIVER.
    Now so many Chinese in Parliament, who ever mention we need more SCHOLARSHIP and tuition waiver for less fortunate local.


  19. “Say sorry” isn’t the only thing we remember . Do you (disgraceful) think the ppl of the nation would have say or comment anything if you and your people have done your job properly ?

    Boo hoo cry cry , you people only remember the part when I demand apology , no credits for my other contribution .

    Oh you mean wasting on the multi million rubbish bin ?

  20. 52 hrs can finalised and closed numerous major topics on helping Sg people, not wasting the time on just 1 subject, asking and singled out Lim to say Sorry.


  21. my question todays to each and every Singaporean when will you ALL stand-up for All these bullying over the Opposition and look at Mr J.b.J our True Opposition whom is already DEAD and he is ONE of our best Opposition….YOU All to be Blame for the Death of Democratic Process in Singapore and you ALL make No Different from our FORE-Father who fight for Independent from the British Colony.

    See the moral you guys are giving to your children…?

    Even countries like Hong Kong & Taiwan who fight for independence and even if today they are under China, YET they are given the BREATHING Space and Freedom to Practise BUSINESS and bring in the monies and the damn SHIT Poor in CHINA today is visiting Singapore as a “TOURIST” and buying up stuff from us. WAKE the damn SHIT up can