45-year-old woman loses whopping $31,500 in fake SPF website scam


A 45-year-old woman lost a whopping $31,500 after falling victim to scammers operating a fake Singapore Police Force (SPF) website.

The police said yesterday that they received a report from the victim on Wednesday that a man claiming to be a police officer called her and asserted that she was under suspicion of being involved in illegal activities and that she was banned from leaving Singapore.

The victim then received another call from a different person who directed her to a webpage that appeared to be the SPF’s official website. The individual directed the victim to enter her bank account details before instructing the victim to provide her one-time password (OTP) over the phone.

The victim only discovered that the large sum of money had been transferred from her bank account without her authorisation when she received a call from her bank. She subsequently lodged a police report.

This latest report comes just one week after a 20-year-old man lost $5,600 in another fake SPF website scam.

Police investigations are ongoing.


  1. Our police is totally useless. They are just busying trying to raid prostitution which never pay tax. Raiding club house based on a tip from a regular patron which turn out to be holding grudge with the club. When wechat scam come about, the police never take action and give tons of excuses. Then this scam developed further into phone scam from ICA, police, delivery, then now advanced in fake website. Because our police is useless, that why the criminals dare to fake police website.

  2. Careful latest one is DBS…I recd two emails fm ‘DBS’ asking to click on a link to unlock my account. Luckily i called DBS direct to check. Was told they are aware of this as they recd several enquiries fm their clients too and not to click on any link.

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