40 million SkillsFuture scam shows the “deplorable state” of civil service and leadership: ex-Presidential candidate


3 men and 2 women, believed to be members of a criminal syndicate, were charged in court this week after they scammed government training grants scheme, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), of a whopping $40 million through fraudulent claims.

According to a press statement released on Tuesday, SkillsFuture revealed that the group had submitted forged documents to fraudulently obtain subsidies and that the suspects reportedly belong to “an organised network that utilised nine business entities, comprising employer companies and training providers, to submit the fraudulent claims. Close to $40 million has been paid out as a result. Police has seized substantial cash and frozen a number of bank accounts involved in the case.”

Former presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian has weighed in on the scam and has asserted that the case “shows clearly the deplorable state of our civil service and the political leadership.”

Calling the fleecing of such a large sum of money “astonishing,” Tan added that what has happened would not have happened during Lee Kuan Yew’s time and that Singapore is doomed under his son, Lee Hsien Loong’s leadership:

“In the old days, during the time of LKY, our civil servants would have been capable of preventing the kind of fraud that occurred with the Skills Future scheme.
“Frankly, it is not difficult to prevent the fraud. It only requires practical common sense to know how crooks could cheat the system.
“The fact that the fraud had occurred and to the scale of $40 million is astonishing. It shows clearly the deplorable state of our civil service and the political leadership.
“It also shows the failing of our education system which produce people that are smart in scoring in examinations but totally lack common sense.
“It is quite frightening to know that this is the calibre of people that are leading Singapore now.
“It also shows the serious shortcoming of an elitist system where the people in charge think that they are capable of finding the best solution on their own. They refuse to engage people outside of their closed elite circle.
“Singapore is doomed under Lee HL.”

In the old days, during the time of LKY, our civil servants would have been capable of preventing the kind of fraud that…

Posted by Tan Kin Lian on Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Group of 3 men and 2 women scam whopping $40 million from government scheme SkillFuture


  1. We have one paper general who just said “ he can’t hep”. Well, we all know some situations are tights but can’t he send someone to follow up till problem is solved. Paper general need ya to tell him what to do.

  2. Frankly New n Inexperience Ministers who step in, sitting right on top, they know Nothing or anything of the Systems in the Organization at all. Permanent n old Staffs r those who run the Business.

  3. Many the time pap candidates also say – once vote for opposition your HDB price will go down, after many year even no upgrading, opposition wards HDB value still going up as other wards. All are lips talk only to earn upper world class salary “ Yes men Mp “

  4. In US, no 1 and no 2 do not fly in the same jet. Everyone knows. In Singapore, no 1, no 2 and no 3 are all overseas? Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. PM on overseas leave, until end month. Announced : Khaw, the acting PM. Are both our million dollar DPM 1 and DPM 2 clearing their long, deserved leave? Suka, suka. What if another major disruption (MRT) does occur? Expect not a 100 arrows but a 1,000 arrows. Disconnect. What judgement. We fear for our country.

  5. Lost $40m Skilfuture money to 2 Very Skilful Scammers

    But then Gov-sg has all along been HIGHLY SKILFUL SQUANDERERS

    Every year WITHOUT FAIL the Auditor General highlights a long long list of wasteful and irresponsible discharge of revenue collected from taxes and unjust fees and levies

    The most memorable one is of course the $800,000 rubbish bin

    Then there’s the lelong sale of AIM to non independent parties!

    Just wait for the next report from the Auditor General

  6. Actually anyone is capable of cheating anything. Now it’s a question who is doing it and catching that whole clan of people. The system is a tool that can also identify unwanted activities and law decides what to do with these people. In a healthy eco system there can’t be too many predators otherwise there will be blood and gore everywhere which takes away the beauty of nature

  7. LKY Will to demolish Oxley Resident but this clown not only demolish the family, the country is going be demolised soon.

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