$39.90 per movie ticket? Rajinikanth movie Kabali set to make history in Singapore


Compared to a couple of years ago, where movie tickets were priced at below $10, prices now have increased drastically in Singapore. Today it costs $13 at Cathay, $12.50 at Golden Village and $12 at Shaw Theatres. It’s even more expensive if the show is in 3D or IMAX format.

But will you be willing to pay $39.90 to watch a movie?

According to the Facebook post of Balasubramaniam Veerapan, that is how much Rex Cinemas intends to charge moviegoers who want to watch the coming Rajnikanth starrer, Kabali.

Theatres which screen regional films usually charge higher ticket prices because the pool of moviegoers who watch such films will be smaller than that of Hollywood films. The smaller pool means that theatre-owners will find it difficult to break even if they price their tickets at the same level as mainstream movies.

But still $39.90 per movie ticket is unheard of.

The star of the movie, Rajinikanth, is among the highest paid actor in Asia. He is also considered the most popular film actor in South India by the media and fans, and has diehard fans even in countries like Japan.

After the flop of his last two fims, Kochadaiyan and Linga, Kabali is the 65-year-old’s come back movie.

Rajini’s Kabali teaser broke YouTube records by garnering over 5 million views within 24 hours of its release which made it the highest number of views in a day for an Indian film teaser.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=9mdJV5-eias”]
The second teaser for the movie has also garnered about 5 million views.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=wg-kEWsL6Xc”]
Youtube India also honoured the man for breaking all records in its platform.
The movie is set to hit the screens here in the middle of July. But it remains to be seen if fans and moviegoers are prepared to pay such a high ticket price to watch the movie here. Or if they will simply wait for the local Tamil channel, Vasantham, to screen it over Deepavali.

UPDATE: Rex Cinemas said in their Facebook that the price of $39.90 highlighted by the Facebook user is for the “KABALI” statues that they are selling and that it is not the price of the movie ticket. It said that the ticket price will only be announced after the release date is confirmed.