3 clubbers in their early 20s who pummeled police officer during nightclub brawl arrested and charged in court


3 clubbers who were part of the massive nightclub brawl that erupted recently have been arrested and charged in court for voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from his duty, after they pummeled a police officer who was responding to the nightclub brawl.

The clubbers – two men and one woman – are all 23 years old.

Videos of the brawl – which is believed to have occurred on 11 Nov – has been going viral online. While the exact cause of the brawl is unclear, it appears to have begun when a patron tossed a beer cup at a bouncer.

What started as a relatively small-scale altercation between the patron and the bouncer quickly morphed into an all-out riot as more patrons became embroiled in the fight. Chaos erupted as the majority of clubbers in the arena excitedly joined the fray.

All hell broke loose as furniture began flying and human bodies began falling over as the brawl kept growing more rowdy and a wild stampede began to take shape.

This was when the police officer, who had been conducting a routine patrol in the area, arrived at the scene and attempted to control the dispute. As he was trying to do his job, the two 23-year-old men attacked him before the 23-year-old woman grabbed him and punched him.

The assailants could face up to seven years in jail, a fine, and/or caning.

Meanwhile the management of the nightclub, ENVY Dance Club, released an update on their Facebook page, revealing that the club’s security personnel and employees who were injured in the brawl are recovering well:

Dear Friends and valued Customers of ENVY. On behalf of the management team and all staff, we sincerely thank everyone…

Posted by ENVY Dance Club on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Check out the viral videos of the violent brawl here:

Video of clubbers assaulting bouncers, staff and police officers in violent brawl goes viral


  1. Just cane these bastards who think they’re big time gangsters and let them sit in jail till they’re like 70 year old pariahs. Let them lose their youth altogether. They don’t deserve to live in a civilised society. Bloody bastards

  2. Give them maximum penalty for beating police officer as a warning towards others…. or else nobody will respect the authority….should have activate special operation command before the two office taking the risk to disperse the group brawl

  3. Something is amiss in SCDF procedure.
    An officer of the law does not enter a brawling club singularly or a pair. They go in in force of tens and or more. At least a pair to address the problematic person or persons and the rest of the officers to keep the crowd in check.

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