‘$2b in cost savings’ with integrated rail, bus depot

Khaw says $3.2b complex in east, which pulls together four depots, also saves on land usage

By Zhaki Abdullah

The East Coast Integrated Depot, incorporating three MRT depots as well as one for buses, will save $2 billion in taxpayer money, said Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan.

In a Facebook post yesterday, he said the cost of construction of the depot is about $3.2 billion, 40 per cent less than what it would have cost had the four depots been built separately.

He also noted that building the depots separately would have used up an additional 44ha of land, twice the land size of Changi Airport’s Terminal 4.

The new depot complex, scheduled to be completed in 2024, will replace the existing Changi depot for the East-West Line. It will include depots for the East-West and Downtown MRT lines, as well as the upcoming Thomson-East Coast Line.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) first revealed plans for the depot – said to be the first such facility of its kind – in 2013.

In 2016, South Korean firm GS Engineering & Construction won a $1.99 billion contract to build the East Coast Integrated Depot. Other contracts, such as those for electrical and mechanical works, make up the rest of the $3.2 billion cost.

GS Engineering & Construction was also involved in the building of the Gali Batu Depot in Woodlands Road, as well as the Fort Canning and Tampines East stations, all on the Downtown Line.

In 2009, LTA rail engineer Adrian Teo and his project team were given the huge responsibility of building train depots…

Posted by Khaw Boon Wan on Thursday, 22 February 2018

The train depot complex will comprise three levels, with the Downtown Line depot located underground, the Thomson-East Coast Line depot at ground level and the depot for the East-West Line above that.

The three train depots have been designed to operate independently of one another, said an LTA spokesman. “Careful planning has been done for them to share the same layout so that MRT lines with different numbers of train cars can be stacked on top of one another,” the LTA added, noting that the depot can house around 220 trains.

A bus depot, which can house 760 buses, will be located next to the MRT depots.

Mr Khaw credited LTA rail engineer Adrian Teo and his project team for the depot.

Mr Khaw, who is also Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure, said the team succeeded in coming up with an “out-of-the-box creative solution” that was “future-proof, safe and also cost effective”.

“The East Coast Integrated Depot was the team’s innovative answer to our growing infrastructure needs in land-scarce Singapore,” he said.

In his Budget speech on Monday, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat also cited the depot as an example of how government agencies were looking to become “more efficient and effective”.



    • What savings? My heart aches whenever I pass by Tanah Merah Mrt, all the covered walkways that were only about one over year were dismantled when they divert the drain, what foresight?

  1. Our new National stadium turns out, no use, bin centre also with limited usage and benefits with that kind of money spend. We are going to pay until die, slog like a 3rd world lifestyle with this Govt. We need to vote for our own survival. Vote any opposition party

    • $2B is an exorbitant price to pay for such project, just to house a bus depot and MRT. What is involved? Do they know what they are paying for?

      • Using tax payers’ monies! Same guy that said hdb losing billions $ every year that include land cost which is free. Using an opportunity cost of land if been put up for private sales. Wtf!

  2. This is no real savings. Becos you are taking off from the future budget and reducing from the future cash flow stream. If I were to present this to my American CEO, he would f*** me, and scold the hell out of my brain. To have real savings, cut the pay of Ministers and PS by 10%. Taichi Khaw is pulling wool over the HDB auntie and uncle. But CBD rookies will laugh at him quietly.

    • Donald Trump’s salary is $1.
      Obama’s was $300K a year.
      Xi JinPing’s is $10K a year.

      How much should our useless clowns be paid? They should be given the boot! Even if they were to accept a cut, the mess they had created is not worth to keep them.

  3. Don’t spend already save wat! This is creating activities to justify his job ! nahbeh ! ! tax here tax there tax everywhere ! un the end get 9+b ! and now got $$$$$$$$ use it to create activities to justify next round of increases and taxes ! nahbeh ! to hell with this cb monster and his white termite gang! save smlj ? in the end common pple still stay in the street !! do right by oppo come 2019! screw them WTG big time !

  4. Take a look at the seng kang train terminal and u will see on top is a grass patch designated for “light industries” Greatly innovative and praiseworthy in design but its still a grass patch today.

  5. Lol saving of $2 billion for the government’s pocket u mean. Taxpayers money is the government’s money lock stock and barrel.

    Another grandiose ‘stroke my ego’ project from a government who keeps taxing its citizens despite huge national surplus to ‘cover bad times’ but pours billions into ego boosting opulent infrastructure!

  6. Design the roads carefully .. don’t ever create traffic jam.. it was a joke when they first reopened the Bedok interchange . We build roads for ease of traffic …

    • Bored . World first or I first ? Singapore shall teach all children how to be a politician.
      By equipping every Singaporean with the political mindset, we make it possible for anyone to be judgmental and clever and to embrace politics, a key to innovation, which Singaporeans are perceived to be lacking in.

  7. Also, more than 20 over years ago, there were suggestions to consolidate community centres, sports centres and regional shops together. No one in the civil service took up that idea. The NIH syndrome, the ‘Minister or PS don’t like the idea’ syndrome, groupthink, etc. As you move into the future, ministers and PS are rooted in Singapore, without overseas experience, the national income is coming in slower and the costs are climbing higher. You really think people like Bart Simpson Heng, Bugs Bunny Chu and Taichi Master Khaw can get the job done, when the electorate are better educated, are astute travellers, have worked overseas, can access information digitally, etc. Come on ! The PAP must wake up to the reality !

  8. Why every morning the mrt is damn congested until I want to vomit ? Yet nothing was done to fix it. You get so many work permit approved but the mrt was never plan to cater for commuter and passengers increase ? So master Taichi Khaw , what taichi you are showing now ?

  9. Cow could just fake another grand paper plan and claim current one saves $2b in comparison.

    Moreover how has this $2B benefitted us?
    Government had a surplus of $9B, yet taxes are increased heavily across the board.

    Basically the PAP government is robbing the citizens. These thieves and perpetual liars cannot be trusted.

  10. Hahahaha..cos land is ONLY resource we got left…our people NO more a resource, becos these fu**ers set policies to allow others to come steal our lunches…

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