29-year-old killed in first F1-related death involving member of public in Singapore


29-year-old Ng Phing Keen died yesterday after he allegedly lost control of his car which crashed into a concrete Formula One racing barrier along Raffles Boulevard near Marina Square.

Ng was found unconscious and trapped in his totaled Honda Civic which was lodged into the barrier. He was extricated from his car by Singapore Civil Defence Force officers using hydraulic tools, but unfortunately succumbed to fatal injuries after being conveyed to the hospital in critical condition.

The car accessories business owner was set to participate as a member of F1’s hospitality team at the event this year, as he had for the past three races. F1 organiser Singapore GP said that Ng was not on duty at the time of the crash and that he had been scheduled to work at the event for two weeks next month.

Ng’s brother told the Chinese daily that the exact cause of Ng’s death is unknown. The brother also told reporters at Ng’s wake that Ng was “a joyful and happy-go-lucky person.”

A car enthusiast, Ng had just raced first time on a track in Melaka late last month, according to his Facebook page which has now been flooded with posts and tributes by friends and family.