27 year old trashes S$750k McLaren sports car in Yishun


Two men were injured in an accident on Sunday (22 Oct) morning involving a McLaren sports car and a taxi. The accident happened along Yishun Ave 1 towards Yishun Avenue 8 at 3.59am.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said the 27-year-old driver of the red McLaren sports car and the 56-year-old driver of the blue Comfort DelGro taxi were taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. They both were conscious when they were conveyed to the hospital. Police investigations are ongoing.

Pictures and video being shared on WhatsApp showed the extent of the damage to both vehicles.

A brand new McLaren sports car can cost more than $750,000 without COE in Singapore. Pictures being circulated showed the sports car sustaining damage to its right side, while the taxi’s rear was hit badly. A sign post at a bus stop in Yishun was also knocked down.


  1. Last week, I saw a black matte Lambo racing at speeds of about 90-100 km/h along Ulu Pandan Road. Why are these f56tards allowed to operate a sport car that brings danger to other road users. I hope that f56tard driver sees this message.

      • you are asking for trouble if u go at 90 at ulu pandan especially down the slope twds clem rd. go and have a look.

    • Michael G R Lum
      With or without enforcement, we should drive at safe speed, ie within the speed limit. If you drive beyond the limits you are going to get trouble. You can go and kill or injured yourself but other road user have the right to live.
      In my 33 years of driving. Never once I break the traffic law. Cos I treasure my life and the life of others.

    • Peter Lim in my 22 years of driving I have drove fast, faster and within speed limit. I’m still around and never killed anyone, not even a bird.

      The problem is not how fast or how slow one operate a vehicle. The point is for the driver to be fiercer than the car 人要比車兇

      Anyone can drive fast, only the skillful ones knows how and when to stop.

    • I take it that some drivers do not understand speed limits on specific roads cue Ulu Pandan Road @ 60 km/h, including the bend, gradient, etc of the road. And this has not taken into consideration the state of mind, and physical condition of the driver. Oh yes, the roads in Singapore if you understand at all is not designed for driving at excessive speeds. I reckon some drivers that don’t understand try taking a behavioural and safety approach in driving. And you don’t need to get your dick out to get out more often

    • Michael G R Lum

      I have an advance grade police driver and have under go special training. Do you think your standard is better then mine? If I am still with the police force, I would have marked and nailed you. I can tell you even a skillful driver can go wrong. You are a crazy driver on the loose. No respect for law or safety.

    • Peter Lim you’re wrong. The roads in Singapore, some, are designed for higher speed than the limits. The turns, the bends, the gradient and the angles, etc.

      Wait you are assuming you had special training and I don’t have. Hmmm…….
      Mark and nail me?

    • Michael G R Lum
      Accident happen only when driver are careless. You think you are skillful? Till one day when you missed, then you will know you gonna regret forever. So be safe don’t be sorry.

    • Tis exchange is denigrating into a head on collision. How easily many of you are fired up here worries me if you are on the road, and another driver lane-hops in front of you without their blinkers.

    • Peter Lim… dont bullshit so much. dont come here blow trumpet. maybe u can try it on your grandson… hope they buy your bullshit story. hahaha advance grade police kopi roti delivery driver. wahahahaa

    • Peter Lim you’re talking like you will never miss! Well I guess when you do, you’ll have some excuses for them.

      I have 22 years behind me and no accidents big or small. So I am either skillful or damn lucky or both BUT at least I am. And I intend to keep it that way, more I drive, more skillful I will become.

    • Peter Lim and your analogy that accident only happen when driver are careless, then explain the guy who got killed when the Mercedes driving against driver hit his car. Was he careless? He wasn’t but yet he was in an accident.

    • Takeshi Yamashita these EX boys in blue, they have an ego even after retirement. So the so called special training they have, had etc are nothing. Besides not all who had those training are skillful. They like to think they are because they went for it.

      In that case, I went for special weapons and tactics training, I should consider myself special forces too.

  2. Maybe he doesn’t like the color and this is the only way to get a new one. It’s a common sight these days to see costly supercars on our roads. So a crash is bound to happen just like any road accidents.

    Please report such news only when the car is over two million!

  3. Well… The 27 years old driver says “What is trashing a mere $750000 to me! I have 1000000x of cold hard $750000 cash in my left, right, centre pockets”. .

    Wishing him speedy recovery regardless of what caused the crash. Nobody wants to get involved in any accidents. God bless.

  4. Yishun ave 1 is a one way street, both vehicle damages were predominantly on front and driver side, would be interesting to see how the accident occured at point of impact, wonder if TP would release road surveillance videos if section of road was covered.

  5. Rich people may not be from good family one lah. Some badass guys from “bad” families are super rich as well…. . Not fair….

    But again, if you are looking for fairness all the time. Then, your life will be miserable. In fact, there is not such thing as fair in this world.

  6. Another amateur gin na Kia destroyed a piece of beautiful machine ….
    These bastards are not worthy .. you think they can afford to buy that car by themselves ? Still sucking milk off your mummy titts .

    YOU’ll never see a the KIND of categories CARS BEING PULL OVER on the streets & expressways got MONEY GOT SAY LAH… !!!!

    • People all just jump into conclusion on that the main fault is all on the mclaren driver because simply he is young and driving a supercar…… they didnt see the full side yet but straight jumping into conclusions….. will have to hear out from the cab driver too before deciding who’s fault causes this tragic to happen

  8. Don’t blame the gin na Kia …. many times the way the kid behaves reflects the upbringing of the parent …. is like a mirror effect . Kiddo not enough love and attention from the parent so need to create these to seek attention from daddy and mummy ….

    Poor thing

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