26-year-old biker may face up to 6 months jail for performing smoky ring stunt around groom at wedding


A 26-year-old biker is assisting police with investigations after a video of him performing a motorcycle stunt around a groom at a carpark was released online two weeks ago.

In the video, which quickly became viral, the motorcyclist can be seen revving the engine of his bike while making a circle around the groom, creating thick smoke and leaving a large black ring on the ground:

What. a. wedding.

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Friday, 6 October 2017

Two weeks later, the motorcyclist was identified and by the police. A police spokesman said:

“The 26-year-old rider has been identified and is currently assisting Traffic Police in investigations. 
“If convicted for the offence of Rash Act under Section 336(a) of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, the offender shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 6 months, or with fine which may extend to $2,500, or with both.”


  1. Think action should be taken to preclude copycat stunt. But I feel that a written warning would suffice for a first offence. Moreover, no one was inconvenient or injured by the incident.

    • Agree with Fred. You are giving “bullets” to the authority for them to”fire” at you instead ! Not smart. Think wisely the next time.

  2. In the past, neighbors would celebrate such displays. Now people like to complain and get others in trouble. Singapore has become a shit place to live

  3. I guess all of us did not thought it was an offence..

    Maybe a written warning will do as it is a first offence and all of us now know better it is ‘no no no’ stunt.

  4. It was prepared for the happy occasion, i believe it’s an innocent offence, a fine or penalty points is good enough. Is JAIL TERM even necessary, what’s so serious!

  5. Alamak see what happen?? Definitely all classes licence revoke…. the jail maybe can take it la but licence can be main source of income if revoke how to earn living…. if bike got installment more jialat ah

  6. Some bikers who did that were advised against by follow bikers, but ignore and did it because it is their right to do so as part of wedding celebration.

  7. Ya think foolish to do that. But think youthful exuberance carried them away and they thought it is cool. So perhaps SPF should give him a stern written warning. This will also serve as a reminder to other that such stunts are not permitted on public places.

  8. Lawless authority cheat and squander citizen savings day in day out no action taken by citizens. One silly show that cause no harm or loss in property and life kena harass with fine and jail. punya Ministers

  9. The country doesn’t get the concept of youth sometimes experimenting with silly stuff but will one day mellow down. Have you seen some of the Singapore politician goons when they were young? Nerdy fucked up mummy’s boys with small dicks. Forget your youth. Forget creativity, fun, recklessness, experimentation etc. Just aspire to be like those small dick monsters.

  10. 6 months jail is excessive. A warning and a fine is sufficient in this case. It’s not as if he goes around doing this every day to unwilling people – just a stunt for a friend’s wedding.

  11. Let’s hope he goes off with a warning. Message received, no more donuts. How bout you boys focus on something a little more important like incarcerating and whipping animal abusers etc.

  12. They were in a celebratory mood. Don’t dampen it. If the authorities are going to throw the book at all events where fun and enjoyment are expected then we are going to have a dull Singapore.

    Is blowing a smoke ring more serious than e-bikes zooming on pedestrian paths or at zebra crossings?

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