23-year-old Han Hui Hui VS National Development Minister

Roy Nerng Han Hui Hui
Roy Nerng Han Hui Hui

PAP MPs have time and again wanted to table Han Hui Hui’s event in parliament for discussion.
However, they reject and refuse to let her hold any event since October 2014
In fact, she is the only Singaporeans being banned from being an organiser at Hong Lim Park.

Ms Han argues that the blanket refusal is ultra vires and void as it represents unlawful fettering by the commissioner.
The blanket refusal constitutes a pre-determination by the commissioner and involves a breach of the rules of natural justice as they amount to a refusal of an application without giving her a fair or any hearing.

It is unreasonable that the government can rob Han Hui Hui of her right under section 14 of the Public Order Act (Cap 257A) it is incompatible and inconsistent with and in derogation to have such restriction against Ms Han when the case is yet to be concluded.
This is a serious injustice against her freedom of speech and constitutional rights when there is no fair hearing for Han Hui Hui, a breach of the rules of natural justice by the Commissioner.

While investigations are ongoing, Han Hui Hui has not pleaded guilty and has also not been proven guilty.
Only in Singapore’s court and a Parliament of clowns do we see one being treated like a convicted criminal when the case has yet to be concluded.

The Government has refused to return to Singaporeans their rightful returns from their CPF money, and their hard-earned money at the promised age of 55, but are time and again doing character assassination against Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng and other fellow Singaporeans.

Are they afraid of Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng standing in the coming election?
Is there justice and fairness in Singapore?