2 LRTs ran over drunk Malaysian who had fallen onto tracks before he was discovered


A coroner’s inquiry revealed today that 2 driverless LRTs had run over Malaysian Ang Boon Tong who had drunkenly stumbled and fallen onto the tracks at Fajar LRT Station train platform after midnight, at 12.40am, on 24 March this year.

The train service controller in the operation control room did not spot Ang’s fall, instead occupied by the 22 monitors in front of her showing movements of the station that was about to close for the day.

The 43-year-old victim had stumbled onto the tracks but was conscious enough to sit up and roll to his left. Unfortunately, he could not move out of the way before the first train pulled up at the station and ran over him.

The sole passenger of the train, an SMRT staff member, reported that he heard a sound but did not stop to investigate.

10 minutes later, another train ran over Ang, at which point another SMRT staff member noticed the train’s carriage jerking upwards. That staff member was the one who spotted Ang’s body and notified the control centre.

Paramedics pronounced Ang dead due to multiple injuries at 2.20am. The father leaves behind three children between the ages of 9 and 17.




  1. omg ,this sounds like a drama ,you mean the station controller could not spot the victim with 22 monitors in front of her past midnight ,might as well close up the whole station and let the man lie there unconsciously dead till morning if not for the mrt staff who was in the train at that time ,who was also not on duty.

    • No the LRT station control room is based at Bukit panjang where station controllers are located ,you can also speak to them if your entry or card has a fault , hence in some cases the control service staff on duty outside comes to you in 5-10mins.

    • @David Caleb:
      u sounds convincing, but is it really obvious to someone monitoring thru those screens that a person stumbled onto the tracks?
      Some of these screens look really small.

    • First of all the control room don’t based in bukit panjang. It is based in Junction 10 which is a distance from bukit panjang station. And how many eyes you have to look at 22 monitors? You have 2 eyes. Tell me confidently if it was you, you are able to spot the man falling onto the track in a split second with your 2 eyes trying to look at 22 monitors. Talk is cheap, until you are on the job, i think it’s good to just keep your mouth shut.

    • Guo Xiongwei , even if they had bigger screens in their control rooms the problem shld have been the same as there were in sufficient duty officers on duty at the time of the wee hours , so the supervisor as suppose was also not on duty , so end up they had to rely on a non duty officer who was in the train to alert the SMRT staff ;very in efficient way of SMRT to have these closing precedures without being alert of someone who was knock down by a train ,so this was a problem of mis-management of the SMRT.

    • Wee Chon Kiat ,the truth is only morons like you may want to keep your mouth shut ,just imagine if this victim was your family member ,your wife or your son when he is older he may get drank with his kakies ,do you also keep your mouth shut and die die and cry also no use one ,what is good is just to be safe next time ..accident on the road also can maybe next life born in Russia better no such problems like this in singapore. ha.

    • Why are we debating on how many cameras and how many controllers when the real problem is a self inflicted accident.

      If the drunkard is to risk his own life, no amount of tech and manpower would have prevented it.

      Besides, now we have a bit more space in SG with less one useless FT.

  2. dun worry all singaporean pls donate to this poor drunk man . cause he is too drink to work and feed his family back in malaysia. pls donate not 1 dollar not 1 thousand but pls as a gracious singaporean just like how donate to the thai girl … millions of dollars pls hish

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