19-year-old NUS student dies after smashing out of taxi window in horrific Clementi Rd accident


A 19-year-old National University of Singapore (NUS) student passed away last night after a taxi she was in collided into a car at an intersection, throwing her out of the taxi window. The incident occurred at the junction of Clementi Road and Commonwealth Avenue West.

Three other passengers and the drivers of the taxi and the car were conveyed to National University Hospital, where the 19-year-old died of her injuries. All the other passengers are NUS students, as well. One of the students was trapped in one of the vehicles and had to be extricated with hydraulic tools.

Dashboard camera footage capturing the horrific incident has been circulating on social media. Viewer discretion is advised:

In the video, the taxi can be seen turning right at the intersection, behind another car. As it is halfway into the turn, a car from the taxi’s diagonal opposite direction sped forward and collided into the taxi. It appears that the car had the right of way.

The impact was so serious that both the car and the taxi were sent spinning following the crash. The 19-year-old NUS student’s head can be seen hanging out of the taxi window as the taxi comes to a stop.

NUS issued a statement on the matter this afternoon. Sharing that it was deeply saddened by the accident, the school said that it is in touch with the families and friends of the four students involved in the collision:

We are deeply saddened by the accident that occurred along Clementi Road on Thursday evening. University staff and…

Posted by National University of Singapore on Thursday, 19 April 2018

Netizens responding to the crash expressed concerns about drivers being pressured to make turns by drivers behind them who cannot see the road but still honk for them to move. One netizen shared that he was involved in a similar crash at the same junction, just last month:

Others expressed their condolences to the family and friends of the teenager who passed away. One netizen revealed that the girl who died was her daughter’s friend and expressed her grief that the girl died unnecessarily:

This latest tragedy comes just a few days after another person associated with NUS passed away on campus:

Research staff passed away on campus: NUS confirms



  1. Perfect example of bad driving habits displayed by most Singaporean motorists.

    Impatient, rude, unfriendly, inconsiderate and simply heck car.

    Wait for green arrow can die ah?
    Let others filter in can die ah?
    Wait for traffic to be cleared before moving can die ah?

  2. We can take our own time in this kind of junction in making our own decision whether it is SAFE to turn.There is no such thing as being pressurized to do so…In this case…the Silver cab make a fatal decision with poor judgement where as the other car never bother to slow down approaching a CROSS junction.Its time for LTA nTP to make red arrow turn on this junction or else…

  3. Just happen this week. Car honks for me to move at the traffic light. Then again when I stop at a pedestrian crossing for pedestrians to complete their crossing. After which it overtook and sped off. Mind you this is in a HDB estate where we need to be mindful. It was a Lexus … what’s the hurry dude ?

  4. Yes.Agreed with whats said.It’s even worst if you are a new driver like P-plate holder.They honked at you,pressure you to move off.This also happen in car parks.Why is there no patience?? Safety is utmost concern on every drivers minds and they want to be sure.But those behind can’t be patient and either honk or high beam.

  5. Decision to turn is yours,just ignore the honks.But do not hogged the traffic unnecessary even though it is very safe to make the turn.All drivers got different duration of exposure on the roads,some may have 1-2 hours daily(those who drive from home to work and vice versa), some may have 2-3 hrs a week (week end cars),some may have 12 hrs a day (taxi , phv,buses).So you cannot expect all drivers to have the same mentality,behaviours,skills and road senses even though they possess the same driving license as yours,issued by LTA.The taxi is obviously wrong but the car that banged the taxi is speeding although he has the right of way.He did not adopt defensive driving or else he would have time to brake and prevent the collision.Defensive is to expect the unexpected but some drivers are too defensive also, to the extend of hogging the traffic, some drive on the expressway like driving in the Geylang lorongs.Some are monsters when they get into the driver seats.You can see more and more traffic jams even though the design is not at fault.Some are prone to occupy the centre lane when their speed are extremely slow,some dare not make a right turn even though the oncoming traffic is cleared , they would rather wait for green arrows to appear.Some like to daydream when they are the first car at the junction.We have to constantly refrain ourselves from all these undesirable behaviours when we are on the road.Be considerate, responsible and patient.I would suggest that LTA to standardise all traffic light right turns arrow to 3 arrows type(red green orange) instead of single green arrow at some juctions, to avoid confusions. I also would like to urge that LTA to review some traffic markings on the road like the bus give way lane,, and bus lanes.Sometimes too innovattive can becomes redundant,like the stupid snake arrow and the yellow painted box.I have seen many accident involving buses because of this yellow painted box,it also wasted a lot of yellow paint from their term contractors.Traffic signs/road markings have to be kept simple and most importantly displayed at right place.

  6. My dad was honked by cars behind him because at the fork too many cars were driving past. 2 idiot keep on honking my dad until I turn around and give them a death stare. ( I was seated at the passenger seat behind). Want to die pls don’t bring me along hor

  7. A life is lost at the age of 19? Perhaps main focus is directed at the silver cabbie …. indeed , it a killer to make assumptions and dashed for it .
    What about the ones who are honking behind ?…. simply cannot understand , in SG , a country which traffic is so well regulated as compare to countries like Philippines , India or Indonesia …. drivers seem to be rushing off to somewhere and cannot wait for another freaking second before depressing on the freaking honk ? Some Drivers here actually honk for pleasure .

  8. Wait, bit confused, was the cab driver honked at? If so, they should also take some moral responsibility. Anyway regardless of whether honked or not, should check and check again and not blindly follow if another car turns. My take (and I could be wrong), if the cab cld not see the car, the car (who shld anyway slow down when reaching any junction as a form of defensive driving) could not see the cab. Just a few seconds more of waiting and the girl would still be alive. RIP.

  9. It seems from the comments posted most ppl are considerate Drivers but then why accidents still happened. Let be honest when we are driving there always devil in us to beat the traffic lights or rules and claimed our innocence when accidents happened by blaming the other, the car condition, the weather, etc …

  10. All friends, i see the real problem is the traffic system. Becoz of saving sometime, our traffice system allows turning into an opposite traffic. Many accidents already happened !!. Yet nobody mention there is an ” problems” within the traffic system.

  11. , I always feel that Singapore traffic light needs changes; this was one of the many accidents happened in recent years in same way while turning. Traffic light should give clear / clean green signal while turning; turning signal should be given only when opposite traffic is completely stopped. Same thing about green man for pedestrians.

  12. If we’re behind the wheel; we are responsible for the safety of our own-self and our passengers. The decision to turn should be a decision based on our traffic assessment based on our current perspective. The pressure from honking by vehicles behind should not be relevant we are the ones responsible for our actions & consequences. Not them. The honkers at the back can overtake all they want & proceed. For those who are pressurized over such superficial honks; unfortunately they are not fit to be behind the wheel.

  13. Though the oncoming car has the right of way, but he/she should slow down while approaching traffic lights. In short, singaporean drivers needs to practise patience and give way habits. I believe most tragic accidents can be avoided if one learn how to give way…..

    I am extremely saddened by this happening. Now we have a case of which the perpetrator is “right of way” but created a terrible accident and killed someone. Conversely, what if the on coming car driver died instead? Then whole world will blame the taxi driver whom will be at fault, isn’t it? In any case, a beautiful soul is taken away…Having said that, if all the drivers out there practise safer driving, isn’t it safer for all???

    From the video, it is obvious that the oncoming car did not bother to slow down. When he saw the first car turning, he should have just slowed down, but he did not. Any experience driver will not accelerate, but rather standby to stop…. all we need just a few milli seconds, the whole tragedy can be avoided. Personally, i would blame the on coming car, not the taxi. Everyone will makes wrong decision on the roads at some point, even for me, but if we practise “give way” altitude, i think results will be different.

    My deepest condolences to the family of the student.

    Also, on a separate note to all irresponsible drivers who always forget to turn on their headlight while driving in the night. If u are so careless and always forget to switch on headlights in the night, switch off your bloody daylight lamp!!!!!

    The daylight lamp and LED dashboard is the main culprit, but drivers also owed to the safety of the road and other road users…Traffic police reading my post, please step up this enforcement!!!