19-year-old NSF dies after heat injury

A Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Full-time National Serviceman, Private (PTE) Lee Han Xuan Dave, 19, a Guardsman from the 1st Battalion Singapore Guards, was found to display signs of heat injury at about 8.35am on 18 Apr 2018. PTE Lee had just completed an 8km fast march in Bedok Camp.

An SAF medic attended to PTE Lee immediately to bring down his core temperature. PTE Lee was evacuated to the camp’s Medical Centre where body cooling measures and treatment were continued by the SAF medical team. At 9.50am, PTE Lee arrived at Changi General Hospital (CGH), where he was warded in the Intensive Care Unit since 18 Apr 2018. Unfortunately, PTE Lee’s condition did not improve in the ICU and worsened during the hospitalisation. PTE Lee was pronounced dead at 5.32pm on 30 Apr 2018 at CGH.

The Ministry of Defence and the SAF extend their deepest condolences to the family of the late serviceman and are assisting the family in this time of grief.


  1. Wow, it took them more than an hour to send him to the hospital. Wtf are the medical personnel doing or is it so called protocol, waiting for the mo to approve??? Truckload of shit.

  2. Why such incident must happen again and again! We NSmen do this because we are forced to do it by the national service act! We do not have a choice and there are young men who do not have the aptitude for military service. On top of that we have trainers who should not be in the position of leadership and I have encountered in my NS sadistic and unreasonable punishment that resulted in soldiers have stress fracture and heat exhaustion. Please stop this lip service that the nation values NSmen and do something about abuse by specialists and officers!

  3. I can totally the trauma the family is facing as I myself went through the showers too… Again from the 8km fast march… But luckily for me is did not die… I recovered… Barely though

    • I do drink lots of water all the time… In fact I drink the most in NS times… No one could drink more than me… But MOs say my body tend heat up very fast for unknown reasons… So for strange reasons I do not know why I’m still allowed yo do the fast marches

  4. They trained to defend our country. We will never know when the next WAR will begin. I will like to say that this kid is one of those who said ‘never give up’. Dead or Alive is in God’s hands. We should pray for him rather than blaming others. Or the very least we can do for the late and his family is not to circulate further. Thanks for understanding.

    • @krist pang
      Which part of my sentences is A talking cock?

      1. He trained hard to defend his country?

      2. Dead and Alive in God’s hand?

      3. Do not circulate any further?

      4. Thank you for understanding?

      And why out of no where those question , ‘what if my son die can strike in this comments ? It totally out of points. Did you take your medication?

      So consume your medicine before it get worsen.

  5. Although Guards training are tougher than regular infantry units, the Army have safety measures in place. For such an incident to happen, its is down to the individuals on the ground. Lets wait for the incident report.

  6. This shouldn’t have happened at all! I find there huge room of improvements where SAF still need to work very hard to achieve! What’s the commanders thinking and what’s the medic on site doing?

  7. everyday ppl also die la hence ns dont care about nsf or reservist shit yeah and all talk about equality and girls no need go ns ?!?!?!? stupid minister

  8. All event have timeline but reach Medical Centre no timing. Something fishy going on. Whole chain of command must answer for such casualty.

  9. I seriously think our medical officers are not qualified to ensure the health n safety of our soldiers.
    Mindef should engage certified n qualified doctors to station in camps.

  10. How to survive in NS? Complain every single thing that you can find as long it makes sense, knowing senior officers well, don’t act big by doing something that really beyond your ability, ignore those that not worthy for your help, take care of yourself and just go to MO regardless of how minor your injuries and illnesses are.

  11. To protect our country who protect our kids? I agreed to service NS to protect our country I disagree IPPT which is not useful today , now war from other far 300 milestone still can fire us, so run for what???? Better but most good weapons , NS man can have jogging every 2 week one to keep fix not force to run for the result end up more poor result,

  12. NS only 2 years to grow up a kid need 19 years and past to SAF for 2 years return with cool body , I feel so sad to see all this .

  13. RIP. It was only 8km, very seldom one can get dehydrated. This days they are super kiasu. How it can happen? I suspect the Body Vest used today is hopeless. It looks impressive but drain the soldiers. Waste of money and young lives.

  14. As sad as this sounds, shit happens. RIP Dave. I want to see what mindef says about the incident, then we can demand for change. We dont even know much yet…

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