14-year-old could be left permanently disfigured after being hit by Uber


A 14-year-old cyclist could be left permanently disfigured after an Uber vehicle crashed into him along the junction of East Coast Park and Still Road around 5pm yesterday.

The boy had been cycling to meet his friend in Eunos to eat Hokkien Mee. Heavily bandaged, he told the Chinese daily:

“I was cycling on the road. Suddenly something hit me and I smashed into the bonnet of a car. Then I blacked out and only woke up when the ambulance arrived.”

The teenager who needs the aid of a wheelchair to move around, is said to be deeply traumatised by the accident. He was conveyed to Changi General Hospital, following the accident.

His mother, Mrs Lui – a 46-year-old graphic designer – said that her son was silent throughout the night last night before becoming angry about the accident today. She added that she was concerned about the injuries her son has suffered, as well:


“The doctor said that the wounds on the left side of his face and forehead are deep and could leave permanent scars.”

The teenager’s father, 50-year-old businessman Mr Lui, said that he received the bad news that day while driving:

“We were in the car when they gave us the bad news. My wife broke down and cried. We rushed to the scene but my son had already been sent to the hospital and we only saw the driver.”

Mr Lui also reported seeing the driver carrying a walking stick at the hospital. He indicated that he was puzzled by this, since the driver didn’t appear to have suffered any injuries.

No one else has been reported to have been injured. The Uber vehicle was not ferrying any passengers at the time of the incident.

Police investigations are ongoing.


  1. There’s an increase of such accidents since grab and uber came into business.

    I wonder how they select their drivers.

    The authorities must do something if not ordinary citizens lives will be at risks

    • Drivers selection? What selection criteria do they have? The more they get drivers to sign up to drive for them, the more profitable they can be! Young or old. With experience or with bad driving habits. Matured or immature. Get them to sign up.

    • You must be a taxi driver.This comment is really dumb.May be stick your pea brain out of your zombie zone to realise that its not always the drivers fault.I also drive but I am not a grab or uber driver.However situation on the roads sometimes changes in a split of a second and there is so much you can avoid being behind the wheels.

    • Johnny Laxman agreed. But, PHV doesnt need to attend classes that every other public transport operators does. I think it should and must be reviewed soon.
      We are humans after all, i learned all the safety aspects of on the road way back then when i applied for driving license. And being human, we tend to forget as years go by.
      So in conclusion, all public transport operators / PHV needs to attend this kind of refresher maybe 2 years once. Also all kids need to be reminded on safety as well.

  2. The news is inaccurate. 1) it is a grab. 2) i was the passenger in the car. 3) when the driver initiated the turn, I didn’t see anyone crossing the road. So I looked back down at my phone. The next thing I know, I heard a bang. Perhaps the cyclist cut through and appeared as the driver was completing the turn. Think there’s a blind spot as that road is always packed with vehicles, so driver and cyclist may not have seen each other. 4) when chatting with his classmate who came to pick up his bike, he told me that victim often dash past on his bike to challenge traffic even when the pedestrian crossing is red and urges his classmate to hurry up/do the same. 5) he was cycling without helmet and with flip flops. 6) when i asked his classmate to contact his parents, his classmate mentioned he is not on talking terms with his parents, maybe he is a typical teen in a rebellious & ‘daredevil’ phrase and said behaviour caused recklessness.
    But i guess as always the driver would get the blame. Most times these people are just trying to make an honest living. It is not always the fault of the driver.
    Accident happened at the turn between still road to east coast road, near esso.
    Wonder who was the reporter.

  3. I have seen many times cyclist dash cross the road without slow down and without checking the road condition . It’s v dangerous to all road users .

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