10 MPs will question Khaw Boon Wan about MRT flooding incident at next Parliamentary sitting


Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan will be asked to account for the flooding of an MRT tunnel on 7 Oct that caused a 20-hour service breakdown on the North-South line, when parliament convenes on Tuesday.

Both People’s Action Party (PAP) parliamentarians and Workers’ Party (WP) parliamentarians will question the Minister on a range of issues related to the flooding incident, from maintenance regimes, how to prevent such an incident from happening in the future, and whether a committee of inquiry will be appointed to review the incident.

The 10 Members of Parliament (MPs) who are set to question Khaw on the incident, which affected a quarter of a million commuters, are:

  1. Choa Chu Kang GRC MP, Zaqy Mohamad 
  2. Ang Mo Kio GRC MP, Gan Thiam Poh
  3. Jurong GRC MP, Tan Wu Meng
  4. Nee Soon GRC MP, Lee Bee Wah
  5. Tampines GRC MP, Cheng Li Hui
  6. Holland-Bukit Timah GRC MP, Christopher de Souza
  7. Holland-Bukit Timah GRC MP, Liang Eng Hwa
  8. Aljunied GRC MP, Pritam Singh
  9. NCMP Dennis Tan Lip Fong
  10. NCMP Daniel Goh

Both NCMPs who will grill Khaw and Aljunied GRC MP Singh are from the WP, while the remaining MPs are from the ruling party.

WP MP Pritam Singh and PAP MP Christopher de Souza will ask for clarification about what SMRT’s “deep-seated cultural issues” are.

The MPs will be referring to SMRT group CEO Desmond Kuek’s comments at a recent press conference that despite progress, “there remain some deep-seated cultural issues within the company that has needed more time than anticipated to root out.”

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Besides this, Khaw will also be questioned on LTA’s recent announcement that it will slash car and motorcycle growth to 0% from the current 0.25% shortly.

According to Parliament’s official agenda, that was released yesterday, Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP Saktiandi Supaat will ask if the public transport system is prepared for more passengers who would otherwise have used cars, while Tampines GRC MP Desmond Choo will seek an explanation about how the growth cut will affect e-commerce businesses relying on cars and bikes.

As the next parliamentary sitting will likely be the last session of the year, parliament’s agenda reflects that several issues will be tabled before the House concludes 2017.

The issues that will be raised include laws governing the upcoming railway links with Malaysia, changes to the CPF scheme, raising the smoking age, measures to enhance workplace safety and health, plans to recruit more mother tongue teachers for young children, and stricter regulation of travel agents, massage parlours, and the sale of food.


Four MPs will also seek clarification about what caused the smoky chemical smells reported in parts of Singapore at the end of September.

Following four unsuccessful attempts to do so, Sembawang GRC MP Vikram Nair will finally raise a motion on the future of National Service, as well.

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  1. He’s NOT worried by how many questions u can thrown at him. He can deflect all of them as he holds a degree in taichi and can spin another classic tale for Parliament to hear.

    • Standard reply: we will review n improve. We understand commuters are disappointed n frustrated with the breakdowns. Rest assure that we will not stop our quest to have a credible n reliable train transportation system. The good news is that SMRT will be expanding the maintenance team n strength the audit processes!

  2. MPs are mostly from the same gang only? questions are prepared in advance, submitted to special Q&A committee for approval n filtered out those very toxic or powderful one right? So as said in advance he had already prepared his fairy tales reply too. Next any opposition question will follow by repeated old craps attack by ruling party on AHTC issue again right? Then 1 senior will come out hints some indirect powderful warning! OK let’s Zzzz……

  3. He will blame the previous CEO that was selected by a board, with Temasek as a major shareholder. If SMRT was not listed, and Temasek did not push for good returns, will the previous CEO try so hard to achieve non operational revenue like rental. The source of the entire systemic issue started from the government. Unfortunately, the musical chair stops and KBW and DK were found holding the ball. Other minister of transport and CEO of LTA were smarter. They sniffed the air and knew the problem is really a BIG BLACK HOLE. So they jettison out asap.

  4. Since taking over the important & highly paid post of Sg Transport Minister, the old Penang Pengiun has spent tons of $¥£€ setting up MRT school, visiting other MRT schools in Taiwan & HK to learn the better technology of our friends but it was in vain that our Toy Soldiers r unable to be educated! R u willing to Harakiri them or only to ur self? Deduct just 1 month salary for that month of breakdown ??

  5. Grill? He’ll display his grandmaster taichi skills and maybe end up the chief monkey will ask “so? You want him to go? Just say’”. And do his stare thingy. Lol

  6. Grill for what. Want to grill. Televise la. People want to watch. Even delayed televise also ok. Last time people not interested, you televise, now people very interested, you stop. Don’t like that leh. This is more interesting than 9pm drama

  7. PAP MP wayang whatever question they want to grill KBW already vett and discussed closed door so when questioned KBW its just put a show end of the day only WP MP will really grill KBW rest of PAP to .

  8. ownself ask ownself? does it or will it going to improve the train system? can the Minister or 10 MPs going to out their heads to reassure Singapore commuters that after this question SMRT will not have breakdowns, signal problem, track problem and whatever problems? KBW still drawing his million dollars, desmond Quek still drawing his million dollars, the chairman the top management still drawing their fat salaries. in the end, who suffered? the 6 personnels from SMRT got sacked lost of jobs become unemployed for these top management laziness and poor management. Since Desmond was from the Army… shouldnt he apply one for all, all for one? no leadership? save ownself first backside first? sacrifice the soldiers is no problem?

  9. Questions without accountability is a waste of public time n $$$. Minister Khaw, Board of Directors of SMRT, n CEO Desmond should resign if they have any sense of honour or integrity!

    • Not sure about Minister Khaw. The Board and Group CEO definitely need to look deep inside themselves and ask: $$$ or honor? I bet most will say: $$$ though most, if not all of them, are never going to be starving and ‘pick cardboard for a living’!

  10. Ps ask this clown, 5years already the useless paper general still couldnt resolve smrt issues… And useless paper generals still get to stay on. They shd all pack their bag and go back to the jungle to feed mosquitoes…

  11. A complete waste of time. Singapore Parliament has degenerated to a world renown stage for wayang. No serious business takes place there. A place where Indian can turn to Malay, abuse of power frivolously swept under the carpet and lies continue to be spewed indiscriminately.
    The compulsive liar Khaw will twist and turn and more lies will be told by the irresponsible and incompetent bastard.

    Since parliamentarians have to go thru the motion the most pertinent question to ask is: “when are you going to follow the footstep of Lui Tuck Yew” ? If no acceptable answer is forthcoming from the liar then ask the PM as to when he will be sacked.

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